YoonJi Yang

YoonJi is a graphic designer based in New York City, currently majoring Communication Design at Parsons School of Design.
Resume available upon request.

🧩 Premised Land is a virtual gallery which collects visual explorations of the boundaries between reality and hypothetical digital creation. These virtual reality works are based on irregularity: a new vision of the digital medium.

Using cutting-edge technologies, my thesis collection showcases multiple digital creations in a range of various art forms. Together, they are displayed in a virtual gallery by New Art City.

The virtual exhibition allows accessing digital art together with other audience members and moving around a game-like space.  
Premised Land
Experiential Graphic, Virtual Gallery

Blender, Adobe Dimension, TouchDesigner, New Art City

Object #1: Life in Space

Object #2: Glass Plane

Object #3: Premised Land Metaball

Object #4: Projection Mapping

Object #5: Desired Planet

Object #6: Planet Twist Trace

YoonJi Yang

YoonJi is a multidisciplinary designer based in New York City.

Having lived in Tehran, Seoul, Brussels, Milan and now NYC,
her international background led to have a broader approach in visual communications. 





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